What to Expect 

Circle Flow


Lisa calls to open sacred space through her presence of love and focus. Beginning every circle honouring the directions by bringing awareness into each directions energy such as spirit animal, healing herb, the cycle phases of mother earth, the sun, grandmother moon, and women's sacred womb cycle. Once sacred space is created, the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds begin to thin. The circle becomes a safe energic space. 


Laura gently guides the circle to breathe deeply into our body, bringing consciousness awareness deep within! She beautifully opens space for the circle to honour the goddesses within. Laura guides the circle inwards, connecting to our personal goddess power. She then brings the sisters together reminding us of our collective oneness in the circle. Helping us ground into the present moment.  


We use this practice to create deeper relationships and personal growth. We ask everyone to bring a listening heart and create sacred space for communication by keeping whatever is shared through the stick within the space and stick, never to be shared without consent. During a share, there are no interruptions, no questions, no challenges, no advice. We do invite sisters to use the word "A-HO" This is used in our circles with the intention; we connect with you, we stand with you. We don't believe this interrupts the flow. It simply lets us connect to the speaker. When speaking through the stick all form of sacred shares is welcome. Whether it be deep and personal, a small hello/introduction or a silent share. It is during this time of sharing we also invite everyone to use and share our sacred cannabis plant. We believe this helps deepen our connection and enhances our circle with sacred smoke. We also welcome those who chose not to consume. 


We create, move our bodies, and open our souls to express. Inspired by a theme or guest which varies each month!

We are a collective connection of women, all sisters have an opportunity to co-lead during this time. We invite them to share their passion, knowledge, and magic! 



The guidelines are here to help us have an amazing experience together as a community and individually. 

Lisa and Laura are the facilitators; meaning â€œto make easy” they are present to serve the needs and desires of the collective. They are not attached to anything other than the circles organic shaping.

What our sacred sisters have said

"I have never, ever, in my entire life, working in non-profit; in community orgs; in social services; in faith orgs.... EVER experienced the vast sea of love and acceptance in this sacred group of Women.

I have been a case worker and a social worker and a therapist for decades and no group ever dares to dive deep because of all of our


Because it’s too painful. So we suppress. And then we turn on each other.

This.... THIS!!! This sacred holy safe space is not butterflies and unicorns and livelaughlove posters because we ARE REAL and WE are all powerful and ascend together.

Lisa, Laura, do you know how gifted you are, what a blessing, to be able to craft this??

Thank you. Bless you."

🌕🙏🏼💚 - Sharon Gulko

Cannabis & Spirituality

The art of circling and using cannabis in sacred ceremonies has been lost in many parts of our modern world. When we circle, we connect with others collectively.  When sitting in a spiritual cannabis circle please understand...

"Sacredness" is whatever you make meaningful or important.

"Ritual" is whatever you want it to be. We ask you to bring a present mind and set an intention to create spiritual space.


You May Ask Yourself: 

1. Where are you right now?

2. What do you want from this experience?



1. Can I attend a circle if I don't use cannabis? YES! Absolutely. We do ask that you come with an open heart & mind around cannabis. 

2. What if it's my first time using cannabis?  We like to advise; start small & go slow. listen to your body. 

3. Is cannabis ok for everyone? NO! Cannabis is not for everyone. Some people are too sensitive or fragile to handle the amplifying effects of the plant. 

4. Do you provide cannabis? NOWe ask all women BYOC to smoke, eat, vape etc. 


~Bring Your Own Cannabis~






Let's Connect!

From Mother Nature.

with love

“Medicinal, recreational, and sacramental utilization of this plant are actually identical. To be healthy is to be happy is to be holy, all of which are connected with cannabis use”

— Joan Bello, The benefits of marijuana


Contact: Cannagoddesscollective@outlook.com




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